Whimsical ideas, games, and gifts for quilters

About Quiltspirations!

Hi.  I’m Ebony Love, and Quiltspirations! is my little venture.  It’s actually part of my company, LoveBug Studios.  So don’t get all freaked out when you go to the checkout pages and see the name LoveBug Studios.  That’s still us.

So I’ll bet you’re wondering how I came up with Quiltspirations.  It’s pretty simple.

I was cleaning up my office one day when I came across a little scrap of paper on which I had written:

Card game for quilters – ideas, inspiration, challenges. Dice? Roll for borders? Colors?

At the time I wrote this little note, I didn’t think much of it, and it got buried under all sorts of papers and magazines in the process.

I was just about to toss the paper, when I scanned what was written on it. In that moment, it seemed to be a really good idea that was worth exploring. I had a lot of fun designing the cards, writing all the little challenges, poems, and coming up with zany & creative titles.

I think Quiltspirations! are great for those days when you need a little creative kick in the shorts, or if you’re looking for a guild activity or group project.  These card sets also make really great gifts for the quilters in your life who seem to have everything.

I’m very much committed to a high-quality product, and supporting US-based businesses as much as possible. The cards are printed & packaged in the USA, and our manufacturer is certified with the International Council of Toy Industries. While I don’t recommend feeding your animals and children paper cards, it’s comforting to know that if they do get hold of them, you can be confident that they won’t start to grow an extra head for their trouble.

I’ve got LOTS of ideas for new card packs! On the horizon is a second full set of cards, a special set of cards for die cutters, and a couple of fun new games. Stay tuned!