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Mathematicians call this shape an annulus. We just call it a doughnut.

You can make doughnuts many different ways. We prefer to buy them from the local Dunkin’ Donuts.

If you’re going to put them in a project though, we suggest something a little less perishable like:

  • Cut a big circle and a smaller circle, and layer them on top of each other, or
  • Cut a little circle out of the center of a bigger circle.

That’s the very literal interpretation of the annulus, but there are many, many ways to get this shape. Use your imagination!


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  1. KimsCraftyApple

    I think after reading this I am not going to advertise on Apple Season Saturday’s that I have ‘Fresh Apple Cider Annulus’s’ for sale. What do you think?

    • lovebugstudios

      I’d say that’s probably a good idea…. LOL… I’m thinking about all the people who will read that sign incorrectly. 🙂

  2. Valerie Little

    starting a new quilting group and we are using the cards…Stuck up and between mentions aprairie points, and tents….what are tents? thank you Val Little

    • lovebugstudios

      There are many ways of folding prairie points; the most common way is to take a square, fold it in half along the diagonal, and then fold it again along the diagonal, so that there is an open fold along the side.

      The “tent” version of prairie point is made by folding the square in half horizontally, then folding the two corners to the center, so that the open fold is in the center… it looks like a tent!

      Here is a page where you can see the “tent” in action!


      I would love to see photos of your group’s projects! Glad you are having fun!