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I’ll Take One of Each, Please

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I’ll Take One of Each, Please

This is a game you play when you want a project with a little bit of everything.


Pull out your Quiltspirations! deck.

Separate the cards by category, excluding the wildcards.

Within each category, lay them face down and choose one card at random.

Repeat for every category.

Make that project.

There’s still a little bit of randomness here, but you are guaranteed not to do too much embellishing or more than one border.  Unless you want to.

To play this as a group, let everyone choose a card from each category.  You can have up to seven players per pack of cards.  You could also form teams, and have a team captain pull the cards for their group.  You get more people that way, and multiply the creativity!

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  1. Pat

    I think this would be something fun to do on a retreat….sort of a challenge (and maybe an excuse to go to a nearby fabric shop in order to get any color that might be called for on your cards….or you could pick the cards before the retreat so you’d bring the right colors with you)!